Blueberry from DJ Shorts has been a very important player in our Breeding Program. Our first round of seeds produced only one plant, and a male at that. He was a lovely fellow though, eight feet tall with blue stems and covered with white and indigo flowers that smelled like a spring meadow. Mark Emery replaced the entire order of seeds, free of charge. The second round of three seeds produced three females, all with hard, dense buds with a good deal of sugar, dark blue stems and blue tinged buds.

Burmese has a vibrant green bud with brilliant orange hairs and the strongest and sweetest flavor of anything I have ever smoked. She is very susceptible to spider mites, but when she manages to escape their ravages she is an outstanding producer. Her stone is not the strongest, but her aroma and flavor more than make up for it. Drug dogs go crazy more than twenty feet from the outside of the building. I've seen the county training dogs in front of my house when the Burmese was in bloom. She grows fox-tail shaped buds of purest green with no hint of purple or blue. She demands a slow and complete cure, she's not for the microwave, but well worth the wait.

Crippler is known as Amsterdam Big Bud now. She is a short dense plant with one main cola and she takes nearly twelve weeks to ripen. Her stone is powerful, medical grade couch-lock. She gets about 4 feet maximum. She drinks a lot of water. Flavor is deep and fruity.

Exotica is the most colorful plant we have grown. It has a wonderful flavor. Unfortunately it does not produce much. This is on on our breeding program for improvement. We hope to make this a big producer while keeping the look and taste. Stay tuned for our final work with this one.

Freak is just that, a freak seed that produced more crystal than any other we have seen. This is a dominant high mountain Mexican variety.

Not to be confused with NL5, this one grows very large. Traditional plant from Alaska.

Northern Lights #5 is one of the flagships of our garden. She was a gift from someone we greatly respect and we have carefully stewarded her for nearly four years now. We won the Oregon Medical Cannabis Award in 2002 with this strain. She is a short little bush, rarely getting taller than 2 1/2 feet high. She is somewhere between mint green and emerald. Her flavor always makes me think of vanilla ice cream with some fruity sauce. She has outstanding crystal content and a very satisfying high. Excellent medicine all around.

Traditional Pineapple Skunk. Sweet but takes too long to grow.

Purple Haze is the last of our very short plants with very long flowering times. Again she is a short bush with very dense thick buds. The entire bush will turn purple when finished, but it takes ten weeks. Smooth sweet soft smoke with this one with a real medicinal kick.

Purple Kush is a tall Christmas tree shaped beauty that is an excellent producer with a medical grade stone. Outdoors it will get very large. Hawaiian "Purp" is another outdoor beauty with completely purple buds. She comes from Hawaii and is a major producer. Her flavor is distinctive and tropical without being overly sweet.

Very unimpressive. Big and bulky, but not potent or tasty.

Much like Sky Dog. There are better things to grow.

University of British Columbia Chemo. Developed by UBC and very potent. Not the best flavor however.

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