Cannabis Oils


Our Philosophy on THC, CBD, the Science and application of Medical Cannabis Stoney Girl Gardens has long been considered controversial in the industry due to our independent approach to looking for and providing sustainable solutions. For many years now we have been asking important questions, some that cannot yet be answered.  Once in a while we … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

What makes our oil

Exclusive Organic Cannabis Whole Plant Oil Extract A 100% oil extract from our Exclusive Blend of Award Winning Strains, Organically Grown and Food Grade Processed. Whole Plant Extract Whole Plant Extract refers to the number of compounds removed from the plant rather than what part of the plant is used in the process.  Although we use … Continue reading Cannabis Oils


Important Dosage Instructions and Treatment Information Stoney Girl Gardens is leading the industry with research and development of strains, proper cannabis oil dosages, treatments and applications. If you are a new user please consult the information below for the most effective method of treatment. Oral Treatment is divided into two areas; Maintenance and Full Immersion. A … Continue reading Cannabis Oils


How to Freeze a Cocoa Butter Suppository Cocoa butter is a common base for suppositories. Pharmacists combine the butter with the active ingredient, or medicine, then form it into cylinders. You can also use cocoa butter in your own home-made suppositories. Freeze your cocoa-butter suppositories on a tray after you form them, so they hold … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

CannBudwig Protocol

New! Breaking News…We have found a way to make our oil water soluble and highly raised the bar of bioavailability   Cannabis Budwig Protocol – Make your oil 100 times stronger, faster and more effective. Recommended for aggressive, late stage or cases where regular treatment is not working The Dr. Budwig Protocol and Cannabis Initial … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

How To Make

Video Instructions and Information Video Notes:  The video shows us using donated bud. The strains you use to make your oil make a difference in your medicine.  Although this strain is said to have outstanding qualities, Mykayla had to switch back to our strains a few days after trying this oil. She went from one … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

Welcome to Oregon

Why MOVE to Colorado when you can simply just VISIT us in Oregon? Are you looking for the best Organic Cannabis Oils to treat Cancer or Seizures? Trying to find the best strains and right treatment and dosage? Looking for someone who has the experience, knowledge and proper medicine to help guide you? Before making … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

Cannabis inflorescence

Stoney Girl Gardens has been considered controversial due to our teachings.  Now there is Scientific Proof. Announcing AHP Cannabis Inflorescence Standards of Identity, Analysis, and Quality Control It’s like they came to our classes!  Finally scientifically valid information is published to back up our many controversial teachings. Our classes will be using this monograph as … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

Oil Extract Info

Exclusive Organic Cannabis Whole Plant Oil Extract (Also known as Hemp Oil, RSO, Hash Oil, Rick Simpson Oil) A 100% oil extract from our Exclusive Blend of Award Winning Strains, Organically Grown and Food Grade Processed. Ready to use.  Oral and topical applications suggested. What makes Stoney Girl Extract It starts with creating the strongest strains … Continue reading Cannabis Oils

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We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held on weekends; visit the web site to register.