Marijuana Plants & Seeds

Exclusive Breeds

Here are the results of our breeding work. We are proud to produce these quality strains. View Photos and Extended Information of Each Strain.


Photos of Classic Marijuana Stains

Marijuana Seeds

Our seeds are all created and selected by hand. We use only strict organic methods of breeding to accomplish our goals. All our seeds are IBL (In Bred Line) which means your using top quality breeder seeds.

Marijuana Genetics & Strains

We have searched the world over for the right kind of medicine. When we couldn't find it, we made it. We start by selecting a species with the best flavor and effect. We have grown over 100 species to test in our garden.

Cannabis Oils

Exclusive Organic Cannabis Whole Plant Oil Extract A 100% oil extract from our Exclusive Blend of Award Winning Strains, Organically Grown and Food Grade Processed.

Marijuana Studies & Claims

Stoney Girl Gardens has been considered controversial due to our teachings. Now there is Scientific Proof.

Lab Results and Testimonial

We test our work continually in labs around the country and in our own gardens. Posting our own results from our lab results may seem bias. Therefore we have decided to post the testing results obtained from our users whom have cracked seeds and brought the plants through harvest.

Attend Cannabis Classes at Portlandsterdam!

We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held on weekends; visit the web site to register.