Exclusive Breeds

August West

August West

  August West is what I got when I put a Berkeley Blues male to my Crippled Rhino female.  Tastes a lot like mama, but the stone is Berkeley-style speed-weed.  This is definitely great morning bud because it is very motivational and tends to stimulate the creative process. I named this for my favorite band. … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


Berkeley is originally from an individual with cancer who worked on a science project at Berkeley University, or so the legend goes. She is the fastest finisher I have and she produces incredible amounts of sugar.

Berkeley Blues

  Berkeley Blues is a cross between Berkeley and pure traditional Blueberry from DJ Shorts. It was everything I could have hoped for. Deep blue stems no matter where you grow this beauty. She is very much faster than Blueberry with a lot more sugar. The traditional Blueberry flavor comes through, however and the stone … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Black Moon

Pure Pit Bull Genetics, this is a demonstration of what you can accomplish with genetic engineering. We have harnessed and locked the maximum color purple from Pit Bull and are preparing to cross it over to the Whippet to give it a complete crystal encrusted frost across the leaves and to tighten up the buds.

Blue Bull

Blue Bull is Berkeley Blues on Pit Bull. The blue berry really comes through on this aggressive favorite. Sickeningly sweet flavors and aroma. Grows blue buds.


   Candy was created by putting Sugar Plum pollen on a Burmese female.  She grows fox-tail buds like her mother, but her fan leaves are covered with sugar and the sugar leaf is as good as the bud.  The name is appropriate to the flavor.  This is the most aromatic variety I have ever seen. … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


Haze Plum and Crippit are blended together to create the absolute flavor and smell of Apple Jacks. Excellent producer indoor and out.  Light and flavorful with a heavy daytime high. We named this after our first grand son. Strain Name: Cassius Description: Do you like the flavor of Apple Jacks cereal? This stain is very … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


This was a breeding project for a very well known Southern Oregon vineyard. This custom project is descried on the Strain page. We took a Scarlett and crossed it with Pinot Noir. What a winner. Strain Name: Crimson Description: Custom Breeding Project Category: Mix Days of Flowering: 38 Yield: 3-5 ounces Potency (THC): 28% Mature … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


  Chocolate Thai anyone?  We crossed the Pit with Crippled Rhino and got that old fashioned Buddha Stick flavor and punch.  Unlike Thai however, this plant is finished in 45 days.  Extremely potent with that blast from the past flavor. You wont want to miss this one. We crossed our Pit Bull on Crippled Rhino and … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Crippled Rhino

 As Featured in High Times and Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana growers HandbookThis breed is a love story. When I started, way back at the beginning, we started ten White Rhino seeds. We selected a really outstanding one from those ten.  We also had one Crippler seed that was a male.  The very first time that I … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Haze Plum

  Haze Plum is a long time favorite.  It is easy to grow, good to smoke and a great candidate for breeding. Strain Name: Haze Plum Description: This is everybody’s Favorite. Haze plum is a Sativa dominant. She has a narrow, tall shape to her and dark purple stripes on her stems. Her leaves are … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Haze Plum Purple Passion

  This is the most photogenic strain we have ever worked with. It has been in storage for a while but we are bringing it back. This one creates munchies like you would not believe. It will make you raid the refrigerator even if you just finished eating. Great for those who need an appetite. … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


We crossed Pit Bull back on our OMCA first-place winner Sugar Plum. It is guaranteed to be a tropical sweet delight. Attend Cannabis Classes at Portlandsterdam! We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Marion Berry

Original Black Berry mixed with Blue Bull.  This one will take every cup she is entered in to.  Be ready for a taste of heaven and a high from hell. Strain Name: Marion Berry Description: When you see this strain the only thing that comes to mind is wow. It is a pure vibrant purple. … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


Norene is a cross between Pit Bull and Haze Plum. Attend Cannabis Classes at Portlandsterdam! We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held on weekends; visit the web site to register.


Pit Bull male back on Oregon Pinot Noir.  Named after our second grand son.  Hearty, healthy plant with heavy production. Stems turn purple and hairs are pink. Beautiful, strong and flavorful. Strain Name: Odysseus Description: This plant grows great, it’s a big classic purple with juicy lime green buds. It is a  very bushy plant … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


Strain Name: P-91 Description: If you like G-13 then you will love this. P-91 is downer, it’s a morphine replacement. It’s recommended as a substitute for patients that use morphine or heavy downers. It has a pissy, skunky flavor. Effective medicine and produces well. It has pure pink hairs when grown outside and very tight … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Pinot Noir

  Pure Hawaiian Purple Kush mixed with Pit Bull.  Get that full on grape taste and huge bush growth in much less time.  More crystal and a slight bit more skunk.  Now grow that favorite blast from the past in a much shorter time.  Acclimated for the North West.  Huge producer. Grows extremely well outdoors. … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Pit Bull

  Award Winning Sugar Plum crossed with P91. Our most potent and tasty new creation.  Grows fast and furious with large abundant fruit. Sugar is like none other.  Taste is fruity and earthy mix with a tropical bottom note. 36% t. This one is a favorite and our next best producer. Strain Name: Pit Bull … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


This phenotype of the Hawaiian Purple Kush crossed with Pit Bull took after the Pit Bull side of the family with a lot more sugar than the Hawaiian produced and a strong Pit Bull flavor with a finishing grape-note of the Purple. It is a fast finisher at 6 weeks. Pure Hawaiian Purple Kush backcrossed … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

Sugar Plum

  1st Place, 2003 Oregon Medical Cannabis Award Winner Featured in Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana growers Handbook Sugar Plum is a cross between Berkeley Blues and a Hawaiian Haze Plum. The Haze Plum came from Dead Guy (my best friends’, sisters husband). It is a deep tropical purple flavor with a very strong stone and a … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


  Whippet is a cross of Berkeley and Pit Bull. Strain Name: Whippet Description: Much like the Berkeley, this one followed mama.  Much more skunk and rush. Category: Sativa mix Days of Flowering: 30 Yield: 3-4 ounces Potency (THC): 28% Mature Height: 3-5 feet Type of high: Upper, awakening and great for breakfast. Plant Type: … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds


   Look out for this potent puppy. One of our strongest. mixed for extreme or terminal patients Cross of Pit back on P-91.  Produces well, stores well.  New for 2008.  Good red color pistols outdoors.  Finishes fast. We crossed Pit Bull back on her mother to preserve the P-91 genes, and called the result Wrex, … Continue reading Exclusive Breeds

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We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held on weekends; visit the web site to register.