The Effect of Medical Marijuana on the Black Market

The Effect of Medical Marijuana on the Black Market

We are fortunate in Oregon to begin exploring the effects of a standardized program for Medical Marijuana.  There is a huge community of diverse patients whom many are activists.  Our Activist per capita rate is the highest in the nation.  The growth of the program has exceeded expectations and is continuing this course.

Oregon was the first of this kind of State ran MMJ program.  The involvement of the state, namely DHS, in the original writing has been considered landmark.  Many states have since used this model. It is one that is still evolving and one we are still working to evolve.  It is from this groundwork that I can make these observations.

The introduction of Marijuana to the medical community has changed the face of the black market. There has been both an increase and reduction in great lengths to the black market sales. The small increase is short lived by the ability of the patient to grow their own, thus reducing sales. There are many other factors that have disrupted this once exclusive niche.

The biggest change has come in the attitudes created by patients. The average age of the consumer has changed to a much older group.  The medical user in general does not support the black market. They are more concerned with the quality, the history, and the content of their medicine.  They are demanding better, more defined products.

The mmj community is open and sharing within their circle which is the single biggest difference.  Strains are openly shared and given away. This was never done by the commercial grower.  Once the genetics are out, there is no stopping them. The community is very effective at circulating the genetics.  We have heard of our strains getting all over the world within just a couple of weeks. It is amazing how this culture works, and how quickly things are shared. This alone was a goal of Stoney Girl Gardens; to produce new amazing genetics, give them away, have them circulated on their own, and make a change in the world.

Another affect was the sharing of good techniques.  Now the knowledge of the process and manufacture of medicine is openly shared.  Unfortunately there is way too much information and product now available. .MMJ has become a huge, legitimate income for many grow shops and authors. Remember that the greatest growers and architects of our past genetics did not write books. This opens the field to many expensive snake oils and hardware.

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