High Times First Annual Cannabis Cup

Stoney Girl Gardens Invited to 1st Annual High Times Medical Marijuana Cannabis Cup 2010

Saturday, March 20, 2010 – Acknowledged as a World Class Seed Company, Stoney Girl Gardens has been officially invited to compete and be a major sponsor of this year’s 1st Annual High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in San Francisco. High Times is rolling out the red carpets to introduce the first contest to be held in America. This will be a historical event as not only American breeders will be featured, but as a fully Medical Marijuana line of genetics will be introduced to the Cup.


This new line of cutting edge genetics is one never seen in Holland or Europe. With extremely fast life cycles of less than 38 days flowering, these new genetics are engineered to specific medical conditions utilizing the M-Scale™. While amazingly fast these genetics exceed the commercial production levels and hold the true cannabinoid profiles designed for particular medical uses and conditions. Not only are these true medical wonders but the flavors are outstanding and in a class of their own. Berkeley Blues really does taste like fresh Blueberry Muffins right out of the oven. Pit Bull is like none other in flavor and medication. This truly is a step forward for the Medical Marijuana Patients in America.

The invitation from High Times includes a Major Sponsor position with all promotion bearing the Stoney Girl Gardens Logos, including the Program Guide full page ads, large booth, VIP tickets and of course the entries. The entries are limited to one Sativa and one Indica with a new hash section.  The invitation comes as a full acknowledgement of Stoney Girl Gardens being a true World Class Seed Breeding Company.

Stoney Girl Gardens will be seeking sponsorship for this event.  Stoney Girl has already teamed up with BudBook.org to begin working on taking the journey from our tours via the Internet!  “Let’s make this a presentation they won’t soon forget” said Stoney Girl.

June 19-20

San Francisco, CA



For more details on sponsorship send an e-mail to jen@.gro4me.com

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