Medical Marijuana Focus of Seminar Hosting Dr. Phil Leveque

(PORTLAND, Ore.) – Dr. Phil Leveque spoke to a group of medical marijuana enthusiasts Sunday in Portland, Oregon. This gathering was a part of the Portlandsterdam University curriculum. They provide the unique opportunity for the public to attend classes that teach the A to Z’s of medical marijuana, with or without an Oregon Medical Marijuana Permit. Of course, those without a permit are “not allowed to touch”, during the hands-on labs.


Bonnie King, Dr. Phil Leveque, Stoney Girl (Jenifer Valley) and Mike Mullins at the Portlandsterdam University seminar Sunday, Oct 27 2013. Photo by Austin King

Medical Marijuana Focus of Seminar Hosting Dr. Phil Leveque
Bonnie King

Dr. Leveque spoke to those learning the facts about the medical marijuana industry in Oregon.

The two-day seminar was held at the Monarch Hotel, near Clackamas Town Center, and is a regularly scheduled event created to educate those interested in the fast-growing Canna-Business industry.

Many people have been growing marijuana for their own consumption in their closets, bathroom and back porches forever. Now that cultivation has emerged from that veritable closet and into the mainstream, it is possible to go direct to the source and learn from the masters in this field.

Dr. Leveque, a Professor of Pharmacology and a Forensic Toxicologist, gave the audience and interesting lesson they shan’t soon forget. He started with the “100 Legal Activities That Are More Dangerous Than Smoking Pot” (click here for article), and also shared a treasure trove called “Granny Storm Crow’s List”. Granny Storm Crow’s list is nearly a book in length, and details all the illnesses and diseases treatable with Cannabis. Dr. Leveque and other marijuana doctors look at her list with special reverence, for accuracy and the sheer dedication put into the in depth documentation.

The information that Dr. Leveque shared with the students comes from decades of years of real experience. Hosted by Stoney Girl Gardens, an award winning cannabis farmer, Portlandsterdam chooses professionals to speak to the students that know how to walk the walk. They cover the all bases in terms of marijuana do’s and don’ts, and much more.

Portlandsterdam is an organization that assists patients, doctors, professionals, organizations and businesses in the medical marijuana industry, and those preparing for the future. This is an industry that has just been lit, and is quickly making it’s way around the circle of opportunity.

This group educates those that attend so that they do things legally, and properly, from politics to pesticides; and learning to grow for multiple patients using established guidelines, learning to breed and establish your own brands, making your own soaps, balms, salves, to creating and opening your own business in the world of Medical Cannabis.

They also provide information on opening a dispensary via the Club Pit Bull business model, which is Oregon’s largest and oldest association of dispensaries, founded in 2008. It’s not a franchise, but they help with all the steps of starting your business.

Jenifer Valley and OCC Award

That is the level of professionals at the helm of this special training. In February 2009, the infamous “ganja grower” Ed Rosenthal and Quick Trading Publishing confirmed that they would host several of Stoney Girl Gardens strains in Big Book of Buds 4.

Dr. Leveque is one of a great lineup of experts, from activists to scientists, who have spoke to Portlandsterdam students.

A private group of patients and caregivers, Stoney Girl Gardens was founded in 1999 by Jenifer Valley, a 4th stage cancer patient who is an avid activist and Medical Marijuana card holder.

Ed Rosenthal’s Big Buds 4
 Stoney Girl Gardens has the largest seed bank reserves in the United States and is a World Class Breeder and Award Winner. With a master breeder who has been working in the field of genetic engineering since 1969, Stoney Girl Gardens is continually creating true breeding strains.

“We are the only true breeder in the US and recognized worldwide by our breeding associates and top experts in the field”, notes their website.

“We don’t just grow seeds, we produce true breeding strains. While others simply produce Hybrids, we only produce the finest True Breeder Quality seeds acclimated for the North West, such as Pit Bull, Crippled Rhino, Berkeley Blues, Oregon Pinot Noir, and Sugar Plum.”

Their Exclusive Signature Series breeds have won first place, twice, in the Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards, and have been featured on full page articles in High Times.

Though there is no official certification required for dispensary growers in Oregon at this time, there will likely be a certification created for future dispensaries, which would recognize Portlandsterdam’s standards of education. Stoney Girl Gardens and other producers would then require this certification for gardens wishing to bear their logo.

An OMMP card is not necessary to attend Portlandsterdam University classes.

“Information should be available to any interested person including doctors, lawyers, or persons just interested in finding out about becoming a grower for others,” said Mike Mullins, director of services.

“We believe there is a great need to educate our medical professionals for the emerging Medical Marijuana Industry.”

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