Stoney Girl Gardens Teams With Grow Babes!

May 31, 2021 Release

Stoney Girl Gardens is proud and excited to announce that we have reached an exclusive agreement with our associates at Grow Babes LLC for development, research, and production of our authentic medical marijuana genetics libraries. Grow Babes will begin immediately releasing Authorized Stoney Girl Genetics to the recreational market. In the agreement, Stoney Girl will assist Grow Babes directly in the research, development and production of finished products. –“This will allow us to complete what would have taken us 10 years of projects in the Medical Marijuana program within a single year in the recreational program due to the unlimited numbers of plants Grow Babes will be allowed to work with.” said Stoney Girl.

“Now we will be able to grow out the hundreds of pedigreed land race strains that we have gathered for the last 40 years.” Stoney Girl Gardens boasts the largest land race seed collection in the US. “We have already provided over 35 thousand seeds from our private collection to Grow Babes and many have already been placed into the growing cycles.” said Mike Mullins.

“We are overly excited to see all the cultivars from around the world that we have gathered to grow in our garden. Most have credentials and all are gifts with a story. We will be bringing new, unseen land race cultivars to the recreational market as well as our full line of famous Medical Marijuana strains.” Shortly after the agreement in 2017 Grow Babes began development on a 300-acre farm with the first phase completed for the planting season of 2021.

“We currently have 28 cultivars in the field; 15 of our infamous medical cultivars and 13 new cultivars ranging from our unseen projects to land race, documented, family tribe holds. We look forward to bringing our stash buds to market this fall exclusively at our Stoney Only Clackamas store.

This will be a unique opportunity for a Medical Marijuana company and a Recreational Marijuana company to offer true, proven medical marijuana to the general public. “Stoney Girl Gardens will continue to work exclusively on the medical side and be able to provide our data to the consumer from a medical marijuana patient point of view.” 

A complete line of seeds are now available at Stoney Only Clackamas. Over 12 new varieties are being introduced. Welcome Grow Babes to the Stoney family.

Grow Babes is a small batch, organic family farm. Everything we do is by hand with love. We are Oregon’s only authorized licensed Stoney Girl Gardens producer. Our unseen strains and proven products we hope to be on the shelf as soon as this fall.

Stay Tuned for more information to come. In the meantime, here are a few links that you may want to see:

The Collection – a film viewing of our entire seed collection assembled in one location for the first time. 

One Drive:!AoLD4Z31_Xr16DV5mSfY75QIAM1Z?e=dvqFpD

*2021 Seed Catalog – Including new releases like Jen, Kramer Krunch, Kind Kim and Crippled Whino. —> 

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Seeds Now Available at Stoney Only Clackamas

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