End User Licence Agreement

By Opening This Package you are entering into the Following Contract between you, the end user and Stoney Girl Gardens. If you do not agree to these terms return this product to place of purchase.

End Users License Agreement (EULA)


You may only use these seeds for personal use and only in one location and agree not to copy or distribute genetics materials outside of the designated single personal use location. You agree to not use this genetics material for commercial use in any form or to reproduce seed stock, clones and cuttings for such purposes. You agree to preserve these genetics in their original form and not alter in any way the makeup of the product. You agree to use this product in strict guidelines for medical marijuana within your state and local jurisdiction and to use such products responsibly. You agree that you are over the age of 18 and within compliance for the use of Medical Marijuana.


You are only licensed to use these genetics as stated above. Ownership of all genetics and associated materials remains the property of Stoney Girl Gardens.

Agreement and Terms

The entire agreement may be found at www.Gro4me.com/license.htm. Terms of this agreement are subject to change and will be updated at this address. You agree to all terms and conditions of this agreement.


Stoney Girl Gardens warranties these seeds for genetic quality to be of the breed as labeled. No other warranty is expressed or implied. Damages shall not exceed the cost of replacement of the seeds. Stoney Girl Gardens reserves the right to replace the product for like products.

This Genetics Material, Packaging and Information is protected and wholly owned by Stoney Girl Gardens, All rights Reserved 2010. International and civil penalties shall apply for violations of this agreement.

View the complete EULA at:


License Agreement Cost is $20 per seed retail, regardless of strain.

Download a copy here

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