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Interested in helping us breed the next release?

Indigo Line Update

Indigo is a total munchi strain. Although low in pain relief, this strain will absolutely make you raid the refrigerator and cupboards. We have tested this strain with late stage AIDS and anorexia with absolute life saving results. These “test patients” had no appetite and were dying of hunger although they were never able to eat.  All patients not only ate but gained tremendous weight and health.

Unfortunately we have not released this yet as it is a work in progress. Due to confinement of Oregon numbers within our garden we must set priorities and put other work on hold. There is much to be done as we have several lines of our own we have not yet begun to work with (including the entire land race strain library from Olauf).

We will put this on the priority list and will begin finishing this project for release. We plan on two lines-a low THC strength and a high THC strength.  We already are close to the final low strength version. The low strength version will create tremendous munchies but only gives you a mild “high” for a very short period. One of the most colorful, tasty we have played with. The plant grows very light green with bright lavender buds and leaves turning golden yellow.  Very photogenic.

As we renew this project we could use your help if you’re willing.   We would supply you with a cutting of BHB (our code name for the low THC version) to grow and test under the conditions you do not distribute the strain. We would not want less than the finished product being circulated. This would cause confusion on the final release. We would also ask you to pop and grow a seed or two if you wanted in order to test various seed stock and genetic versions.

If this is something you are interested in then let me know.


We believe there is a very good chance this strain would help our community.  Our former patient whose name was Brian came to us skin and bones, and being fed through his veins. One puff and he could not stop eating.  He gained so much weight his doctor had to put him on a diet (almost). Unfortunately his condition took him but he couldn’t thank us enough for having a quality finish.

What You Must Do
We are looking for someone(s) who is willing to follow the following specific tasks as a part of our breeding program:

  1. Grow a test plant supplied by us through the entire lifecycle of harvest in our soilless medium.
  2. Harvest the plant at a time of growth stage as referred to in Stoney Girl “When Its Time to Harvest” guide. This will mean you are using one of your count.
  3. Provide us with one rooted clone. We will hold this clone or use it for further genetic work.
  4. Complete and return our Evaluation Reports. These reports will list the speed of growth, plant size and height at certain stages, leaf size, number of serrations on a typical leaf, number of fingers, girth, coloration, odor,  brackage, total harvest amount, crystallization percentage and other characteristics including a form for your testing the final product. We also like a pic.
  5. Provide us with a premium sample of 7 grams for our testing.  We will test the samples and provide you with our results. You keep all the rest.
  6. Agree to not share clones out or otherwise propagate to anyone. Once we have finished selection and stabilization we will provide you with the final plant and seed stock that you may share with your friends. You may also share with them your stories of assisting in its creation.

This will give you the opportunity to take part in a breeding project that will assist many patients sooner than if we did it alone. We are open to having your help and assistance to bringing this project to the public.

This is a project that we have had designed for quite some time. However we balance all of our nursery stock and breeding work out of our own medicine count. We would require assistance to reopen this project at this time, however feel that there is of course an immediate need for it. Just from the request it reminds me of how helpful this was to the people that tried it.  Although we gave early samples to their growers, the patients are sadly no longer with us and we do not know of their growers directly.

We cannot keep all of our varieties alive at once and remain within compliance.  Our own personal need was not for this type of affect. Therefore HP3 was dropped from our production. We can start our seed stock, sex the plant and provide cuttings to pick up where we left off to continue the generational work to stabilize our final candidate. If there is interest in assisting us then we are willing. It would work best if we could enlist a couple of folks.

We actually used this type of help with Pit Bull. We are forever indebted to those that helped us.

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