Organic Certification Program

Farm to Table Organic Certification Program

Stoney Girl Gardens provides a Farm to Table Organic Certification Program in over 5 states. We do not sell products nor make profits on this program. The program is quickly growing in popularity amongst established associate farmers to provide quality organic medicine.

The only assurance the consumer may have in any market of true Organics is one that the farmer participates in.  There is no testing of final products at this time to ensure true organic crops. We have wonderful programs in many states such as Oregon Tilth, however they do not work with our industry. In lieu of this we have set up a program with our associate farmers to willingly participate so we may be able to offer the patient an organic choice.

The consumer is getting smarter. We need to have choices for them.  Organics is growing in popularity. There are whole stores specializing in Organics.  Every major food store has an Organics section.  In our industry especially, we need to make sure the consumer has that choice.

Gaining your certification is 2 simple steps; attend our one day class and go home and follow the methods you learned.  The only cost to you is the class. If you follow our directions we will issue you a Stoney Girl Gardens Authorized Producer Certificate to hang on your wall.  We will also add you to our verification list as an “Authorized Garden”. This gives you credibility and tells the end user that they are getting the same thing we grow in our garden for our own personal use.  We are proud of our associates who fly our flag of quality and service the needs of the patient.

The first step is to attend a minimum of one single day of training from our Portlandsterdam University.  Portlandsterdam University offers Semester Days packages and we can travel to your location if you have at least 10 people interested.

The next step is to get out there and get to work.  That’s all there is to it. We will support you all the way.

To participate in our program just give us a call.

Recently our associates from the state of Washington all converged at our office for an “emergency meeting” in which they requested. I had no forewarning what the meeting was about.

Their concerns were about the propagation of Avid and the pressure they were getting if they did not use it. Most all dispensaries and farmers markets have inspections of flowers for signs (past or present) of mites, molds and mildew performed by a competent and skilled intake person.  Inspections and testing are important. Mold and Mildew should never be allowed. Mites however are different. But if even a trail of a former single mite is on your product you are immediately expelled or turned away. None of these inspectors perform pesticide tests.

These same inspectors are Avid salespersons who will not only recommend but supply you with a small unlabeled bottle of Avid concentrate for a hefty fee. Avid is now available in every garden store in northwest Washington. We are seeing it all over Oregon as well.

As a result we are promoting safe growing and will be spending a lot of effort, along with many other known figures in our industry to change the mindset of the patient, client, consumer and farmer. In our associate meeting there were those farmers who decided to continue using a product we do not allow and therefore no longer carry our certification.  Most are working hard doing a great service however are asking us to push this message forward to you. These farmers care about their work, environment and fellow humans.

As we move forward to regulation farmers that use these types of pesticides will need to look at other options that are acceptable.  This will be difficult for many caught in the existing mechanisms of toxic pest control. We would advise farmers to begin looking now.

Thank you for your time.

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