Our Philosophy on THC, CBD, the Science and application of Medical Cannabis

Stoney Girl Gardens has long been considered controversial in the industry due to our independent approach to looking for and providing sustainable solutions. For many years now we have been asking important questions, some that cannot yet be answered.  Once in a while we do find results. We share the information and conclusions of our work with everyone .This is our obligation.

We have long been pioneers of creating some incredible varieties far ahead of their time. We also have been working to classify and clarify our medicine.  We breed for conditioning targets such as headaches or backaches. This brings us to this writing.

For many years we have been wondering what makes Pit Bull get rid of a migraine headache? Similarly what makes Cripit remove pain from the back? What makes Black Moon create hunger frenzy so bad you will eat the refrigerator door? What makes this clock tick? What cannabinoid profiles do we need to cure cancer, ms, pain, and seizures? What compounds are reacting with other compounds behind the scene to produce the results we are getting in curing cancer?  These are unanswered questions

Our philosophy is that there is not enough credible science.  If we knew these answers then as breeders we could breed by science and it would simply be mathematics to create a strain to let’s say get rid of your toe ache. Until science can demonstrate what compounds we need to actually look at and what compounds react with and in combination with other compounds, we need them all to be included in the medicine we make. We strive to enhance and broaden the cannabinoid profiles to the widest spectrum possible.

On what do we base our philosophy? Our experience. We have long been tested by most of the leading labs in the mmj industry. Testing is something we admonish and require. What we are testing for is yet to be clear. As an example we submit a controlled test to any new lab we work with.  We do this with the full intention of promoting science.

To begin with we submit two samples, sample a and sample b.  We already know in advance what the testing results will be. This is a controlled test sample we use to both quantify differences between labs and for demonstration to the lab of the lack of science.  The results are always the same within the same lab. They can vary lab to lab due to the lack of a baseline with which to test, methodology and equipment used. This is another story.

When both samples are tested the results are exactly the same. In fact even extended lab results may be overlaid with no difference between them. Often the lab thinks we submitted two samples of the same product. We then inform them that the samples each originate from separate continents of the world, have no like traits, and have completely differing effects: Sample A will only last about 15 minutes but make you eat the refrigerator door; Sample B will knock you out for a good 8 hours.  We then ask if the Lab can identify which sample does what from the tests they perform.  We hope to challenge the labs to take a more in-depth look at what they are testing for.

We have the USDA S finest scientists this same question and they assure us that they could tell us the answer in milliseconds and for a hundredth of a cent if they were just allowed to do the work. in fact they are banned from such studies under the Schedule 1 classification.

Until science can tell us what cannabinoids are doing; what interacts with what to make something happen such as curing cancer, we will not start separating compounds. Instead we strive to build the largest cannabinoid profile we can to cure what ails you.

Most patients have multiple conditions. Although we may be targeting a single priority condition such as a tumor there may be many more ailments or conditions the patient may be suffering from, but not as concerned with.  Expanding the cannabinoid profile allows the medicine to work simultaneously on multiple conditions as needed. A more broadened, holistic approach is an advantage to treatment. One version of extract oil can treat multiple conditions as long as the oil is extracted from a wide variety of premium medical cannabis.

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Video Instructions and Information on Making the Oil

Video Notes:  The video shows Cannatonic bud. Oil made in this video proved to be less than effective due to the strain we used. Normaly we use our own exclusive strains as they are much more effective.  You do not have to use flowers.  You can use leaf, trim, etc, however your return may be less and the concentration may not be quite as high, however it does work. The oil we made that saved Mykayla’s life was made from our exclusive strains. We use multiple strains, not just one.  The Strains you use make the difference in the speed of effectiveness.

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