Grandmas Recipe for Billy Butter

Grandmas Recipe for Billy Butter

From Stoney Girl Gardens


The following recipe is one we have used for years and was passed on to us by grandma.  As such we have passed it on to all our friends with great success.  This is a three step process which begins with rinsing the leaves.  The reason we rinse the leaves is to create a clear butter with no bitter taste and without the pot taste.  Rinsing does not remove significant amounts of oil, as the butter/oil step will do this through a leaching process.  The second step is the oil/butter leaching process.  The third process is separation of water from butter and canning.  This all sounds complicated but is not as you will find our.  This recipe is time tested and will absolutely make Kick Ass product.

What You Need

  • 2 large canning pans or one crock pot (One for later when we pour off the butter)
  • Water
  • Butter or Canola oil
  • Stove
  • Strainer
  • Coffee Can (home made strainer by punching holes in the bottom with can opener)
  • Huge bag of leaves (dried)
  • Canning Jars with Lids


Rinsing the Leaves

In this process we will rinse the leaves to remove dirt, chlorophylls and other items that make for a bitter butter.

  1. Cut up or crush your leaves into one large pot. Fill the pot to within 1” of the top and make sure you push down on the leaves to compact it.
  2. Fill the pot with water (you can use hot water from the tap to speed up the process).
  3. Bring the pot to just below a boil and steep the leaves for at least one hour.
  4. Pour off the water and rinse the leaves by running cold water through the pot, pouring off and rinsing again.  I remember the first time I made this butter I thought I throwing out all the good stuff.  This is the stuff we used to make into tea in the old days. Boy was I wrong.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 by filling the pot with water and steeping for an hour then rinsing thoroughly.  Once the rinse water is clear you know you have removed all of the dirt, chlorophylls and other bitter tastes.
  6. Drain the leaves thoroughly.  You are now ready to go to the next step.

Butter / Oil Leaching

In this process we will simply add butter or oil to our pot.  The secret here is to steep the pot for several hours.  For a fast brew I would recommend overnight.  For the ultimate brew let it go 72 hours.  Do not boil hard or you will burn it. I usually do about 10 lbs of butter at a time.  It freezes well.

Water Separation and Canning

In this process we will strain the butter from the leaves, cool it down and pour off  the water.  We will then reheat the butter for canning.

  1. Turn off the butter and let cool for 30 minutes or so.
  2. Using a strainer in the top of the Pot, pour off the butter into a large bowl or second pot.
  3. Place the bowl or pot into the refrigerator to cool for a few hours or until the bottom of the bowl is cool.
  4. Once butter is cool, punch a hole to the bottom and pour off any remaining water.
  5. Reheat the butter in your pot and get out your canning jars.
  6. Fill canning jars and tighten lids.
  7. Refrigerate or freeze and enjoy.

I use the small 8oz jars because they work perfect for the large Brownie mix.  In brownies I use butter instead of the water and oil.  Very potent.  Butter is good on crackers, bread, pasta or whatever.

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