Important Pesticide and Mite Update

We are an organic resource. Like the organic section of the supermarket, we are willing to have less than the largest, most eye-pleasing product in lieu of quality and health. We believe that our medicine is a food crop and should be treated as such. Since we smoke or eat the product it is even more important to consider what is burning into our lungs.  Like mom used to say “You are what you eat”.

Please remember this when wanting to use products, especially pesticides and bloom supplements. Always read the label and look for any warnings on food crops, animals, water contamination and other items. Such warnings are a clue to your health and safety. If a product does not specifically mention food crops, do not use it.

There are many differing versions of the definition for the term “Organic”. In some circles anything that is found natural on earth is organic.  This then would include uranium and Anthrax.  No one in their right mind would consider these items organic. However some manufacturers use this same methodology to put an organic label on their product.  Here is our definition

More importantly and above organics is Health and Safety. Please read our note on Health and Safety for our Industry.

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Avid is a mite pesticide developed for ornamental and Christmas trees. It is systemic which means that it works by lingering around inside the plant for a long time. It may be very effective; however it is not developed for use with any food crops. Furthermore, Avid has been known to cause illness in medical marijuana patients.  It is known to adversely affect animals and fish according to the Manufacturers Warning Label.  This pesticide is very dangerous to work with and be exposed to.  Due to the nature of this you are urged to not use this on your medicine.  No amount of flushing will remove this substance. Below are links to the warnings from the manufacturer, Syngenta. For more info consult the


Syngenta Information on Avid:

Mode of Action
Stimulates the release of Gamma amino butyric acid (GABA), which causes insect paralysis soon after ingestion. Within hours of exposure, feeding and damage to the plant stops, but death may take up to 2-4 days. Different from conventional insecticide/miticides; effectively controls susceptible and resistant mites and leafminers
Store Avid in a well-ventilated, secure area out of the reach of children and domestic animals. Do not store food, beverages or tobacco products in the storage area. Refrain from eating, drinking, tobacco use, and cosmetic application in areas where there is a potential for exposure to the material. Wash thoroughly with soap and water after handling.
The residual effect of AVID is based on the translaminar movement of its active ingredient, abamectin. Following application to the leaf surface, abamectin moves through the cuticle and epidermis and enters the mesophyll layer of leaves. In the mesophyll layer, a reservior of active ingredient forms. Insects that consume the leaves or feed in the mesophyll ingest the saved abamectin. Within hours, they stop feeding and die within two to four days


Crops for Current Avid Label:

Christmas trees
Ornamentals, field-grown
Ornamentals, woody
Plants, Foliage
Plants, Landscaped


No-Pest Strips

An example of a popular no pest strip is the Hot Shot. It is only one of several brands currently available. Most are identical. The label specifically states that this product should not be used around food or in kitchens.  The product is a nerve agent.  You are urged to not use this around your medicine.


Our Recommendation

Currently the only mite control we can safely recommend is Safer Soap and only on the plants without blooms.


Our Cuttings

Because we only treat live mites there may be cases where our cuttings contain live eggs.  Due to this you should treat all our cuttings as infested with mites.  This should always be done with any cutting you get from anyone. We recommend washing with Safer Soap every 3 days for 2 weeks (four treatments total) to ensure you have removed any mite infestation and prior to introduction to your garden.

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