Cannabis Budwig Protocol Dosage

Before You Begin Prepare Your Proper Dose by Diluting the Cannabis Oil Extract

Caution: Prepare Your Medicine for Dosing – this protocol can escalate the potency and effect of cannabis by several hundred percent. Please use caution in preparing your dose according to our recommendations below. Always dilute the cannabis oil with flax oil before mixing into the recipe. When the recipe calls for cannabis oil, USE THE DILUTED MIXTURE FOR THE CANNABIS OIL. DO NOT USE RAW CANNABIS OIL. 

What You Will Need:

  • 1 gram Cannabis Oil Extract
  • 1 teaspoon 190 Proof Alcohol (dropper full will suffice, use vodka when 190 proof is not available)
  • Flaxseed Oil (non-lignin)
  • 10 cc Oral Syringe, 1 gram Oral Syringe


Step 1: Thin the Cannabis (1 gram) with 190 proof Alcohol (1 Teaspoon)

We will always begin with a single gram of cannabis extract oil. This will allow us to measure dosage accurately. In a clean container add one gram (1 ml) of the pure cannabis extract and one teaspoon of 190 proof grain alcohol. Vodka will work if you cant get 190 proof. We like to preheat the alcohol as warm alcohol helps the oil dissolve. Mix until the cannabis oil is dissolved into the alcohol. This will allow for a more uniform mixture. Note that one gram equals one cc or one ml.  Use an oral syringe for all measurements.

 image002[1]one gram syringe




Step 2.  Preparing the Cannabis Oil (Dilution for Dosing)

Follow the Ratio Chart below. It is always best to start with a low dose and work up to a higher dose. To make a 20:1 you will add 20 parts flax oil to one part cannabis oil. When the Cannabis Budwig recipe calls for one gram of cannabis oil use one gram of the diluted mixture. Note the Units/Gram shows the number of doses per gram of cannabis extract. A 20:1 ratio will make 21 doses.

Recommended Dosage Chart

Ratio Flax:Cannabis Dosage/Gram




120:1 6.25 121
60:01 12.5 61
40:01 25 41
20:01 50 21
10:01 100 11
5:01 200 6
1:01 500 2
0:00 1000 1


The following example shows the 20:1 mix. Using an oral syringe measure flax oil and place into a clean container with a lid.  Do not heat. Mark your container with the appropriate mixture such as 20:1  50mg.  You can store the unused mixture in the refrigerator.

image008[1] image010[1]

In the photos above we are mixing 20 cc or 20 grams of flaxseed oil to one gram of cannabis oil creating a 20:1 or 50 mg dose. The final mix will create 21 doses. I filled the 10cc syringe twice with flaxseed oil and put it into a clean mixing jar.

Step 3: Mix the Cannabis and Flaxseed Oil

Add the diluted cannabis/alcohol mix that you prepared in Step 1. Mix until the cannabis oil is dissolved into the flax oil. Do not heat. Mark your container with the appropriate mixture such as 20:1  50mg.  You can store the unused mixture in the refrigerator.


Add the Cannabis/Alcohol to Flaxseed Oil according to dosage chart


Cannabis and Flax Concentrate: You will use one gram (1ml) of this mix for each dose.


Store unused mix in refrigerator. The mix will make 21 doses. you are now ready to make your daily doses. Mix can be used for both oral or enema dosing.

Initial indications are that the fusion of the Budwig Protocol with Cannabis has the potential to have far greater reach and surprisingly faster and stronger effects than cannabis alone. There is such a dramatic magnification noticed that it makes this procedure so vital to study and to provide more accurate recommendations. In addition, patient comfort and safety must be recognized along with the therapeutic advancements. In dealing with disease time and effect are the elements. This developing process may have breakthrough results as we have never seen.

What you should know: You may find that you need to reduce dosage on a regular basis as each day the dosage will feel stronger. Also note that this may amplify other prescriptions medications you are using. Keep aware of any side effects of other medications and reduce as needed.

Please follow Dosing Directions carefully. Always start with low doses and work up.

Severe overdose includes nausea, vomiting, and sleep.

Please use caution and follow recommendations.

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