Cannabis Budwig Protocol Oral Tests

Initial indications are that the fusion of the Budwig Protocol with Cannabis has the potential to have far greater reach and surprisingly faster and stronger effects than cannabis alone. There is such a dramatic magnification noticed that it makes this procedure so vital to study and to provide more accurate recommendations. In addition, patient comfort and safety must be recognized along with the therapeutic advancements. In dealing with disease time and effect are the elements. This developing process may have breakthrough results as we have never seen.

We will begin with testing oral doses and concentrating on proper dosage.

Caution: Prepare Your Medicine for Dosing – this protocol will escalate the potency and effect of cannabis by several hundred percent. Please use caution in preparing your dose according to our recommendations below. Always dilute the cannabis oil with flax oil before mixing into the recipe. When the recipe calls for cannabis oil, USE THE DILUTED MIXTURE FOR THE CANNABIS OIL. DO NOT USE RAW CANNABIS OIL.

We will use 3 subjects that have high tolerance and can easily take 2 grams of oil in a single day. These guys are tested and hard core.  All have differing conditions. I myself and Jenifer will also participate. We would not ask our patients to do anything we would not do.

I plan to begin with using coconut oil and lecithin. Two varieties of lecithin will be used; Fern liquid and Solgar granules (non GMO). We will note any differences in mixes and effects.

We will then begin working with Flax Oil with and without lecithin. We are using two different Flax Oils;

One test will be with both flax oils without lecithin and the other tests will be with both flax oils and lecithin.

The dosing will also be considered. Our subjects will be given doses ranging from 1 gram (1000mg) daily to a diluted rate of 60:1 (12.5 mg) and include intermediary dosing. Initial indications are that even smaller amounts may be recommended.

Testing began yesterday morning. The intent of this test is to guide the patient in proper dosing.

We will document the results with data and photos as we go.

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