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Welcome to Stoney Girl Gardens Seed Company USA.

Our seeds are all created and selected by hand. We use only strict organic methods of breeding to accomplish our goals. All our seeds are IBL (In Bred Line) which means your using top quality breeder seeds. We use the same seeds we give you in our own breeding projects. Now you have quality tools to breed your own, or confidence that you know what your getting when you plant.

Feminization – We do not believe in feminization of seed stock. First, once you use feminization you are caught in a loop of always having to reverse sex to get a male. We use natural males selected from the Parent seed stock. This gives us a high gene frequency and means every plant is alike in quality and gene structure. Second, improper feminization causes hermaphrodites or seeds in your garden.

Our seeds are not feminized, however due to our natural process of thorough breeding techniques we have very few males. In some locations we offer a bounty on males; that is we will trade you a female plant for your male. We then asses the male for use in our own breeding programs. Seeds usually have a 90 percent rate of females or better.

Stoney Girl Gardens is the first seed company recognized internationally that is based in the US. Yes we are America’s first seed company.

We are the first company to create extremely fast growing strains. All our strains finish in less than 40 days of bloom and in September outdoors. At first and still today many people think this is an impossible task. The Seed industry responded with Rudaralis (which is not medical). Now there is not a seed company in the world who does not produce a faster growing strain.

We are the first company to produce strains with THC levels beginning in the 24% range (1998)and going up to 36% (2003)which until SGG was totally unheard of. Yes we have led the way in pushing the envelope.

We are the first to use Licensing. This is simply to ensure that the patient is getting what they think, and not a knock off. We are continually chasing down pirates at our own expense.

We are the first and probably only seed company that is so invested in our politics and business of patients exclusively.

We are the only seed company in the world who offers IBL (Inbred Line) seeds. An IBL seed is a breeder’s seed that contains all of the phenos unlocked and ready to use. In other words I can confidently use any seed that I send out to the public for my next breeding project. It is unheard of for breeders to give you their IBL as you have access to the entire genetics codes. This alone was how the industry protected their product. Simply give you a skewed version that has the chromosomes scattered is not getting the original.

We are the only seed company owned, operated and designed to service Medical Marijuana.

We do not go after any patient or organization that is helping patients, only bad people out there ripping patients off. Last week we saw August West

cuttings being advertised for $500 each in Seattle. We have never released August West. People were buying these clones as they were that anxious to get our gear. Is this helping our patients? What is anyone doing to prevent this? Stoney girl Gardens steps forward to address this issue. This is why we have licensing. It is up to you, the consumer, store and farmer to help us.

We encourage you to try our stuff and share it out if you think that it is that incredible.

We do not sell seeds, we provide licensing.

Stoney Girl Gardens Breeds More Than Seeds; We Breed Success!


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