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Thank You for inquiring about our licensing programs. These programs are very new and subject to change as we grow.

Stoney Girl Gardens is a new kind of community enterprise. We breed more than just seeds, we breed success. It is our mission to enable every U.S. medical marijuana patient and entrepreneur. This is why we provide genetics, education, growing mediums, nutrients, licensing, and partnerships with local farmers and groups. We want you to be as successful as we are, and know that it takes much more than just a seed. It will take a large community of growers, caregivers and providers to meet the needs of our patients.

Stoney Girl Gardens is a new kind of enterprise based on you, the community. We want to motivate everyone to get involved in the new industry of Medical Marijuana in the United States. Stoney Girl Gardens is based on an association of individuals providing quality assured, consistent medicine to and by patients in every state. To accomplish this we need your help in growing and getting our products out.

We do not cross borders with our seeds. Our idea is to assist you in reproducing our products in the same manner we do to provide to patients in your state. Now you can establish and run your own business as an Authorized Associate of Stoney Girl Gardens. We are here to help and support you.

To insure quality we require that you hold a Certificate of Completion from Portlandsterdam University. If you have a group that wishes to complete this course you may arrange an on-site training course at your location. Travel expenses may apply.

Our licensing is free* with a Certificate of learning and demonstration of commitment to our 100% Organic methods of production and safe practices. We will assist you in setting up your own business and introduce you to our associates who are waiting to meet you. We connect people and businesses, growers and patients.

Take a look at the licenses below and select the one(s) you wish to participate in. Get involved in the new Industrial Revolution of Medical Marijuana.

*There is a fee for Portlandsterdam University Certificate of Training, Inspection Fees, and for Club Pit Bull Franchising. Minimum purchase is required for Distribution and Resellers License.

Compare Licensing


Portlandsterdam Certificate Required

Strict SG Growing Methods Required


Authorized Stoney Girl Gardens Distributor


No (minimum purchase required)

$13,000 in product

Authorized Stoney Girl Gardens Reseller


No (minimum purchase required)

$3,000 in product

Production of Meds




Clone Production




Seed Production



We Pay You!

Stoney Girl Developer




Personal Developer



$500 / year

End Users License




All our products are far above average and graded truly medical through the M-Scale. This is serious medicine unlike any you have ever worked with. Experience the true values of our medicine today.

Our Soil products allow you to plant, water and grow like a pro. Never buy fertilizers again! Economical, Safe and Organic. Try some today next to anything you use and see for yourself. It’s too good to believe.

Please contact us with any questions you may have. We look forward to you sponsoring us into your area soon.

Stoney Girl Gardens knew a long time ago that we could never have a garden big enough to feed the whole country. However, we can help the farmers feed the country.

Our mission is to assure quality products to patients by creating new industry standardization and regulation. Our products are guaranteed to meet our high standard of quality across the country. We want you to have the same good medicine that we do. Thanks for joining us in this mission!

Kind Regards,

Mike Mullins

Director of Operations

End User License Agreement

Private Use of our Seeds and Genetics – End User Licenses are on each package of our seeds and each clone. Remember, we do not sell seeds, we sell licensing. To find out the entire agreement for using our seeds Read Here.

Distributor License

Become an official Stoney Girl Gardens Distributor. Carry our full line of products.

Production License

Production licenses come in two types; grow for us or start your own production company. Select one of the two from below.

Produce Medicine – Become an Authorized Stoney Girl Garden Producer for our clubs.

Clone Reproduction License – Make your clone factory. Find out how to make Authorized Stoney Girl Clones

Produce Seed Stock – We set you up and buy back seeds you grow.

Developer License

Developers licenses come in two types; grow for us or start your own breeding company. Select one of the two from below.

Grow for Stoney Girl Gardens – Become an actual Associate Stoney Girl Garden and help us create the next great strain. Join our team of developers.

Start your own – Grow your own next generation using our logo and strain information.

We assure quality and safety.

For a 54 page Master Agreement PDF Click Here

Our beautiful dispensary is now open!

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Portlandsterdam University

We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held every other weekend; visit the web site to register.