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*Anyone can host Stoney Girl Gardens and Portlandsterdam University Regardless of What State You Live In!
Hello and thank you for your interest in working with us.

There are 2 ways to work with us. The first is to become an Oregon Medical Marijuana Card Holder. The other way is to host Stoney Girl Gardens and Portlandsterdam University in your area.

If you’re interested in bringing us to your area then thank you for considering being a host to Stoney Girl Gardens and Portlandsterdam University. As mentioned we can bring our Information and university to your area if there is enough interest to support the costs. We would like enough pre-registered guests to cover the cost of the trip. We usually need 10-15 guests to register for a weekend class at $250 each. This would cover our air fare, accommodations and expenses.

To make it worth your while, if your in a Medical Marijuana state that allows it, we can bring out genetics and establish a relationship for you to help others for us. As our representative you would be allowed access to our genetics and enter into a seed production agreement (at no cost). If you pre-register guests for Portlandsterdam University then the guest registration would pay for us to get there. Jen (Stoney Girl) and I are excited to get to your area. We know that once you have met us and view our work, you will know for yourself how exciting it is to be on the cutting edge of this new industry and to utilize our extraordinary products.

We have a PDF copy of our Portlandsterdam University brochure here explaining our classes and university in more detail. We would offer all the classes with the exception of the Club classes on Sunday. In addition we would want to allow an open Meet and Greet for the Public at no charge. This time could be arranged for a few hours either Saturday or Sunday evening. This will give the public a chance for book signing, questions, and socializing. We would introduce you as our representative for your area.

All we need is an accessible area for the amount of people you will book. We will need a screen for our projection unit. We will supply the projector, equipment, instructors and everything else. Most hotels provide professional meeting spaces for these types of events. The classes may be open to the public if you wish as we do not bring any meds or live plants into the classroom.

We look forward to discussing this event and planning very soon. This would be a chance for you to be the first entity to bring Stoney Girl Gardens to your area. Don’t hesitate to call with questions.


Mike Mullins

Stoney Girl Gardens



Our beautiful dispensary is now open!

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Portlandsterdam University

We are proud to say we have 100% success with our students going home and being successful. In depth selection of seminars and training from industry professionals. Classes are held every other weekend; visit the web site to register.