Marion Berry

Marion Berry

Original Black Berry mixed with Blue Bull.  This one will take every cup she is entered in to.  Be ready for a taste of heaven and a high from hell.

  • Strain Name: Marion Berry
  • Description: When you see this strain the only thing that comes to mind is wow. It is a pure vibrant purple. It has a strong great distinctive blackberry aroma. It grows very well indoor and outdoor. It’s a perfect bush with big huge maple looking leafs. The smell and flavor blend all together in a beautiful, berry rich tasting bud that will make you drool.
  • Category: Indica dominate
  • Days of Flowering: 35 days
  • Yield: 5-9 ounces indoor, 5-10 lbs outdoor
  • Potency (THC): Unknown
  • Mature Height: Indoor 5 to 6 feet, Outdoor 10 to 12 feet
  • Type of high:  Intense, head rush, and dreamy. (Still being tested)
  • Plant Type: Perfect bush, like a candelabra
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Finishes first outdoor but does well indoor.
  • Taste/Smell: very fruity taste, with a strong blackberry smell.
  • Mother: Washingtion Blackberry
  • Father: Blue Bull

Background Information:

Named after the famous Marion Berry that grows in Marion County, Oregon. (No this is not about the Mayor)

We were honored to get an original copy of Black Berry from a mountain grower on the Far East side of Mt. Rainier in Washington.  This strain was very colorful and had a taste you can’t forget. To extend the length (makes the high last 4-5 hours), potency and to reduce the finishing time of this strain we crossed it with Blue Bull.  Blue Bull allowed us to preserve the coloration and improve the taste and high of the original Black Berry (not to be confused with the ever popular Blackberry Kush as there is no Kush in this edition).

Begins with a full on Black Berry flavor and ends with a sweet Blueberry Cobbler finish. An absolute must have and one of our most demanded strains.

It is one of the most beautiful plants we have grown with a taste to match.  We expect to win every competition it is entered into and expect this one to be a big smash hit on the market.

Featured in Ed Rosenthal 2014 Calendar

We look for this one to win all the awards this year!  Everything you want in one strain!

Medical Information:

This medication is good for anxiety at any level. It is a medium high. This is also good for nausea especially after chemo. This is more of a morning type of medication because it will not make you tired.

Audience: End of Life, Cachexia, Chemotherapy Effects

  • Appetite
  • Cancer
  • Circulation
  • Glaucoma
  • Severe Nausea
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • PTSD
  • Severe Pain
  • Depression
  • Head Pain
  • Rx Co/Side-Effects

Affects: Strong Effects, Antiemetic/nausea, Active Mind

  • Appetite
  • Extended Duration
  • Euphoric
  • Positive
  • Sensual
  • Social
  • Sweet Taste
  • Sexual
  • Aroma

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