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Award Winning Sugar Plum crossed with P91. Our most potent and tasty new creation.  Grows fast and furious with large abundant fruit. Sugar is like none other.  Taste is fruity and earthy mix with a tropical bottom note. 36% t. This one is a favorite and our next best producer.

  • Strain Name: Pit Bull
  • Description: Describing flavor and aroma are most difficult. It is like none other, and in a category all of its own. We have asked many to help us to use just a few words: Exotic, Deep, Rich, Unique, Tropical, Distinctive, Fruity, Skunky, Complex and Intense. Although each of our breeds is completely different, this one stands out as the most unique. Currently our most popular and sought after strain. So strong it makes skunk and undertone, this is one of our favorites.
  • Category: Indica Dominant 80/20
  • Days of Flowering: 35-42
  • Yield: 3-6 oz indoor, 10 lbs outdoor
  • Potency (THC): 36%
  • Mature Height: 3-6 feet indoor, 10-15 feet outdoor
  • Type of high: Euphoric, intense, immediate.
  • Plant Type: Buds throw long bright pom-pom like hairs.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Does well in both conditions
  • Taste/Smell: Taste is fruity and earthy mix with a tropical bottom note,It has a unique, unforgettable, tropical, skunky, fruity, pungent smell.
  • Mother: P-91
  • Father: Sugar Plum

Background Information:

Pit Bull was named for my dog, Arianna. After winning first place at the OMCA, I decided to do a round of breeding with Sugarplum. I put it on the P-91 because I detested the flavor of the Hog’s Breath, but it was the most powerful medicine I was producing. The goal was to get something strong that tasted pleasant, and Pit Bull was a much bigger success than I ever anticipated. It has circled the globe and is grown in India, Thailand, Amsterdam and Pakistan.

Acclimated for the North West. Good Indoor and Outdoor. Easy to grow. Very, very Potent. Good for Migraines, and most conditions across the board.
Tested by Ed Rosenthal, this will be featured in the Big Book of Buds 4 in 2010 as a center fold.

Pit Bull Mother: P-91
Composition: P-91 Mother: G-13; P-91 Father: Bull Rider
Geographical Origin: Southern California
Pit Bull Father: Sugar Plum, First Place Oregon Medical Cannabis Awards 2003
Composition: Mother of Sugar Plum: Hawaiian Haze Plum; Father of Sugar Plum: Berkeley Blues (Berkeley and DJ Shorts Blueberry)
Geographical Origin: Both the Haze Plum and the Berkeley Blues were created in Oregon by Oregon breeders.
Performs well in any environment, Indoors and Out, Soil and Hydro. Regardless of the technique used, Pit Bull is a sure winner. We have tested this not only using different growing mediums, but also different methods such as SOG, SCROG, and Hydro’s with great success in all areas. The Pit Bull is mite resistant, easy to clone and easy to grow. It is very vigorous and grows fast. It is very durable and bread for a fast finish for the early Oregon rainy season. This strain is acclimated for the North West.

Grows into a giant sphere, a bushy ball of buds.
Extremely fast and caked with crystals.
We always grow strictly Organic, but Pit Bull performs really well in any circumstance.

Here is another area that the Pit Bull excels. It is very fast, with the Berkeley genes to take it to finish in a quick 35 days of blooming. We grow our entire cycle from start to finish in 9 weeks indoors.

Pit Bull is an amazingly versatile plant. We have had reports of 16 foot tall Pit Bull plants growing outdoors in Oregon, CA, Arizona and India. We have heard of large producing closet gardens with Pit Bull in a hydro set-up. We have seen massive Pit Bull buds from a hydro grow.

In our mix it usually goes into the bloom room at about 4 to 5 feet tall and comes out about 6 feet. We easily get between 4-5 ounces per plant using our all organic methods. We have seen a production of 55 ounces using SCROG indoors.

Indoors we get an average of 5 ounces using our methods. Our friends use the SCROG method and get 55 ounces per plant on an indoor grow. Outdoors we have seen as much as 5 pounds average.

Pit bull is aggressive right off the bat. She begins bushing and throwing leaves in the first 2 weeks of life. There is no reason to shape or top the plant as it has perfect form every time. From the beginning, the plant emits a strong odor of Pit. The plant is easy to clone, easy to grow, mite resistant and very forgiving.

Pit Bull jumps right into action with open blooms that are covered with crystals within the first 2 weeks. The buds are round, large, thick balls of oozing crystals. You will not want to stop smoking this as the taste is as good at the end of the joint as it was the first hit. Look out though; this one produces an above average amount of THC. Usually one hit is all your guest should be allowed to have. Anymore and you might as well plan a full evening.

Large spheres of medium density, somewhat open and low centered. Not airy or popcorn

In two different independent lab tests here in Portland Pit Bull that was grown using our methods tested between 33 and 36% THC when harvested at peak floral periods (40% hair coloration, not amber tri-combs). 38% is incorrect and we will change that to the correct 36%
Method of growing does have an effect. Other growers have tested their pit bull with only 28% THC (this testing was done by Harbor in SF). They did not harvest at peak floral periods and they let the plant go longer than recommended. This lowers THC as it is turned into CBD and CBN. They also did not use our medium (sunny girl mix) or methods.

This is one of the most popular medical strains in the North West. It has wide range of soothing treatments for many conditions. This strain is listed as Neuropathic Pain and Depression medication by Oregon Green Free (www.oregongreenfree.com). We have testimonies from patients that they have used the Pit to wean themselves away from strong pharmaceuticals. From Migraines to MS; from Pain to Cerebral conditions, she attacks them all. It has been a solid winner in all circles without ever having been in our competitions. We have reserved this honor for this book and for Amsterdam.

Stupefying and Euphoric, you will lose track of everything. Only the serious and most experienced should attempt this puppy. Not for the amateur. For extreme medical conditions only. Danger: Do not drive or operate equipment while using this strain.

Pit Bull is very pliable. You can grow that tall fir tree or spread it out over 12 feet of cage in a SCROG on top of a bench. Pit Bull is also very forgiving. Make a mistake and she truly has the survival instinct to fight on and come back better than ever. Resient is the word. Easy is work. Pit Bull is mite resistant and tough, with no special handling required. Pit Bull is very hearty and will produce outstanding medicine even with the most adverse conditions. She is ideal for beginners and the Connoisseurs will treasure her. This is a Must Have for any garden

Method of growing does have an affect. Other growers have tested their pit bull with only 28% Thc (this testing was done by Harbor in SF). They did not harvest at peak floral periods and they let the plant go longer than recommended. This lowers THC as it is turned into CBD and CBN. They also did not use our medium (sunny girl mix) or methods.

The sugar leaves have so much crystal on them that they tend to curl. The fan leaves are large and wide and look like maple leaves. She stays a bright green unless it gets chilly in the garden, then she turns a lovely purple Pit Bull grows large, long fingered leaves that are thick and bright green. The average leaf has 7 long full featured fingers. The bases of the leaves are a passion purple. The branches are bright green with violet stripes highlighting the ribs. It is a bush indoors and a giant tower out. Buds throw long bright pom-pom like hairs. Large spheres of medium density, somewhat open and low centered. Not airy or popcorn textured, but not rock hard. Presents a large profile.

You have seen our work in High Times and the fact that we are creating strains that not only produce high levels of THC but grow fast is why we are getting noticed internationally. We breed only medicine because we are patients. Ed Rosenthal and others have tested this strain and in fact had their disbeliefs at first. Once convincing themselves through their testing they are true believers.
Pit Bull has been spotted in Amsterdam, Japan, China, Hawaii, West Coast and many other places. A favorite North West Tradition, this American Pit Bull is on tour and making its way around the world. She may be visiting your area soon.

Featured in Big Book of Buds 4   

Medical Information

This medication is great for night time, it really helps with Insomnia. It helps with nausea especially after chemo. It’s a very strong morphine replacement, great for severe pain, migraines, cramps, and most conditions across the board.

Audience: End of Life, Cachexia, Chemotherapy Effects

  • Appetite
  • Cancer
  • Circulation
  • Glaucoma
  • Severe Nausea
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • PTSD
  • Severe Pain
  • Depression
  • Head Pain
  • Rx Co/Side-Effects
  • Anxiety
  • Multiple Sclerosis

Affects: Strong Effects, Antiemetic/nausea, Relaxing

  • Appetite
  • Extended Duration
  • Euphoric
  • Positive
  • Head effect
  • Calming
  • Sweet Taste
  • Numb
  • Aroma

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