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Welcome to Stoney Girl Gardens Basic Growing Class
Welcome to the most thorough growing class you can find. This series is presented by Stoney Girl Gardens. We will teach you all our secrets and methods of organic growing. There are hundreds of good growing methods, and our is just one of them. Our methods are 100 percent organic and dedicated to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program (OMMP).

With all of the information and snake oils out there it gets confusing to find easy, simple information when getting started. Our methods are backed by botany, science, and experience. We are going to leave out all those big confusing words and we are going to show you an easy way to grow award winning plants. When you have completed this class you will have the knowledge and confidence to go home and get growing.

Our method does not require you to know any horticulture, or make you use testing equipment, mix batches of chemicals, and keep you tied up all the time. So throw out all that science equipment and take a peek at an easy solution that really works. If you want scientific info then take a look at our advanced information and reference material.

The following is a set of slides, lessons and multimedia films to show you every aspect of the basics. If you have questions, write them down. It is most likely we will answer your question in the following slide and film so hang in there. If you do not get an answer to your question send us an e-mail. Your questions are what helps us build a better lesson.

Each lesson is fairly short so you won’t be held for long periods, usually only a few minutes. You should go through the lessons in the order that they appear and not skip any or you may miss the information you were looking for. Later on you can come back to the individual lessons you need to review. The total length of this basic set of lessons is over 2 ½ hours.

In the live class we will show the video first and follow up with the lecture. In this series you may choose to do either or both. Make sure you check each page for videos.

Remember that we show you where to get everything you see in these classes. All of the products are available and can be delivered to your door.

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