Lesson 25 – When is it time to Harvest


There has been a lot of discussion on when it is time to pick that beautiful fruit.  Although much is discussed and written on this subject,

The only right answer is the one of personal choice.

We believe it is time to harvest when the hairs have reached about a 40% color switch.  What I mean here is that when about a little less than half of the white hairs have turned some other color (yellow, pink, red, blue, brown) then it is time to pick the plant.  An exception to this is the exotics that are grown outdoors which may color more quickly as part of their characteristic or conditions of environment. In general we find the highest content of THC to be at this 40% range.  If you continue to let your bud go then the THC is changing into something else called CBN. CBN is the stuff that makes you sleepy instead of the euphoric feeling you get from THC.  If you want a couch-lock high then look for a strain that produces this at the optimum THC level instead of the CBN level.  You will have better results and less hangover or after effects.

 For complete information go to Time To Harvest page.

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