Products 2008

Sunny Girl will has all of the products discussed in our growing class available for purchase. They are also offering small, convenient .6 oz bottles for those who only need a small amount or have a small garden.

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Starter Juice Concentrate                  .6 oz – Makes 4 Gallons

Bloom and Booster                                .6 oz -Makes 5 Gallons

Rooting Compound 4 oz                        .6 fl oz

Anti Wilt 4 oz                                            .6 fl oz (makes 4.2 oz)

Fox Farms Grow Big                   

Super Thrive                                

Maxicrop Seaweed                     

Purge III                                           


Starter Tray                                     

Tray Lid                                                

Starter Cubes  pkg of 42                     

Spray Bottle                                  

 Aeroponic Starter Units available by special request

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