Growing Methods and Cycles

Lesson 4 – Methods and Cycles

The type of method you use will depend on the size of your grow.  If you are using a small closet or single room you will probably be using a batch method.  The batch method utilizes the same room for both vegetation and blooming.

Green Room, Bloom Room

You will hear us refer to the Green room and Bloom room throughout this presentation.   The green room is the vegetation cycle that runs a 24 hours per day light cycle.  The bloom room is where the budding is done under a 12 hour light cycle. In the batch method you simply change the light cycles in the same room.

Push/Pull Method

If you have the room you should use the push/pull method. The advantage is a perpetual supply of medicine.  We find that a group of 4 patients can be the most efficient and cost effective.

The Push/Pull method requires 2 rooms or 2 separate areas in a room. You can separate a room with black plastic or Panda film. One room is run at 24 hours (Green room) and the other is run at 12 hours (Bloom Room). When you harvest a plant (pull) you move a plant from the green to the bloom room (push). You must also transplant a start to replace the one you took from the green room.

Thinking ahead is important. Timing is everything. You must keep starts ready and plant on time. It takes a bit to get this method going, but it is easy to maintain after establishing the groove. The key to any method is having starts ready to go when you need them.

The disadvantage to this method is that you always have the rooms full and do not purge them between harvests. This makes mite control extremely important.

Batch Method

If you have a small space or a single room then you will use this method.  With the batch method you will run 24 hours of light for about 4 weeks then switch the light to 12 hours for another 4 to 5 weeks.

The advantage to this method is that you can purge or clean your room out between crops and after every harvest. Cleaning your room by spraying a mixture of water and bleach will ensure that the mites are kept at bay. The disadvantage is that you have to grow enough to store medicine to get you by for long periods.


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