Starting with Seeds

Lesson 12 – Seeds (Videos Below)

Always start with cuttings if you can. You will know the genetics and sex of the plant. A cutting will also grow faster and produce an exact replica of the parent.

Sometimes there is no other way than to start with seeds. We use seeds for backup when we don’t have cuttings or starting a new breed. Don’t use Jiffy Pots or Rock Wool. Don’t use paper towels. Don’t expose seeds directly to sunlight. Just follow the instructions in the following video.  We make it easy.

Note: see the illustration below for a better explanation of “Tails Up” as referred to in the video. Also note that if you have a long tail on your seed see the Exception below.

Tips on Seeds

  • •Genetics = know the origin and history. You can’t make a low grade super weed with your miracle garden. Mexican will never be Kush.
  • Hybrid or Breeding Stock- is this a bag seed or did it come from a breeder? If it is a bag seed then little is known about the genetics and the seeds may all be quite different. You may want to plant several to see which one you want to keep. Breeder seeds are best.
  • Expect the extra time (Up to 30 Days). Clones are much faster than seeds. Seeds take longer.
  • Male or Female – Sex it early (more on this in the Sexing lesson).
  • Advantages of Seeds are that there are no Bugs and they grow with more vigor.

Advantages of Cuttings

  • Known origin and history – you get an exact replica of the parent.
  • Known sex – There is nothing more bummer than spending all that time growing to find out you have a male.
  • Less Time – It takes a month more to grow a seed.

Tails Up Illustration

Here is a diagram of an incorrectly planted seed. Note that the tail first goes to the surface then has to turn to go down into the soil.  This will often cause the root to go above the surface and dry, or it will drain the energy from the seed because it has to make the extra turn.


Above shows an improperly positioned seed. Below shows a properly positioned seed.

The diagram below shows the seed properly positioned with the pointed end of the seed up. The tap root will turn and go down, pushing the seed up and out of the soil.



If your seed tail is long (more than 3/4 inch) then plant it tail down. Note that the tail is still coming out of the top of the seed. The exit point of the root is usually towards the top. If the root is long, plant it root down, otherwise it will be too deep.


Sometimes your seed in the cup will have a long tail. A long tail may be anywhere from 3/4 of an inch to 3 inches long.  In this case you must plant the seed with the tail down.

Poke a hole deep enough for the tail to go down and the seed to be just below the surface of the dirt.  It would not be logical to plant the seed 3 inches deep and it would not survive.

Helpful Hints

Don’t forget to spray the surface every day with some water. We use our starter fluid.  Don’t fertilize the seed at this stage as it is easy to burn. Water only after the soil has lightened. Pick up the container and feel the weight.  If it starts feeling light then water it.  Be careful not to overwater.  The plant will die if the roots are standing in water.

Seeds Starting and Planting Videos

Seeds at 2 weeks

More Explanations and Exceptions Video


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