Shaping your Plant

Lesson 22 –  Shaping your Plant

It is ok to trim, cut, bend, tie, train and shape your plant, as long as it is in the green room or vegetation stage.  Mutilation, breaking branches and other abuse like sticking needles in the stalk are not good for your plant and will actually damage it.  Most of these are myths. How would you feel if your fingers and toes were broke? Would you grow better and faster?

Never trim your plants once they have gone into the bloom stage unless you have to. They need to have an easy path to finish. They don’t have time to heal.

The biggest question we get is do we trim the large leaves from the plant to get bigger buds? Absolutely Not!. Do not remove the leaves from your plant.  These are the solar collectors that catch the sunlight to process into bud.  The buds themselves have little to no collection power. If you remove the leaves then you have no engine to get the job done.  If a leaf is covering a bud then tuck the leaf under the bud, don’t cut it.

Shaping with Cuttings Video

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