Plant Selection

Lesson 11 – How to Select a Plant

Ultimately the plant you select will be the one of personal taste and effect.

Don’t be fooled by colors and beautiful photography.

Not everyone gets the same effect or has the same conditions.

Here are some important things to remember:


  • Be sure you check the length of growing time for the strain you want. Some strains take months to finish. If your in no hurry then this does not matter.

Sativa vs. Indica

  • Most new species are combinations of both. There are very few pure breeds that are exclusive to either. Remember that variety keeps the medicine effective.


  • Size your plant to your grow space, but don’t be too concerned.  All in all select the one that is best suited to your taste, provides a sufficient quantity, is easy and fast to grow, and has a strong, lasting effect. Types of plants are generally classified as Christmas Tree and Creeper. Size can range from a small 2 foot bush like Northern Lights #5 to a giant 12 foot tree like the Northern Lights or Crippled Rhino. Don’t try to grow a tall one in a short space unless you want to continually tie it down.


  • Every flavor awaits you.  From spicy to tangy, chocolate to fruity, sweet to sour, its all out there.  I recommend a variety for a number of reasons.


  • There are different effects from different species.
  • A good strain is good, no matter what.  If your wondering then it didn’t work for you.  Look for length of effect. Does it last for 20 minutes or 4 to 6 hours?


  • Some species are quite delightful but take a long time and don’t produce much.
  • Lots of nitrogen will make any plant huge but will turn it into “no high Thai”. We have seen 3 foot by 18 inch thick buds of our genetics done. The unfortunate result was a lot to smoke with little high. If your weed is sparking or the ashes seem like coal you are using too much (or the wrong kind) fertilizer.
  • Don’t settle for a plant too small or too promisingly large.


Select a strain that stores well.  Generally this is a tighter bud.  Keep it in glass jars.   Make sure it is dry.  Put it in the refrigerator to prevent molding.

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